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What Is Quiz Marketing?

A new way to capture responses from your audience from your website, social media and more.
The essence is simple:

Get users to visit your quiz
  • Create 4-5 questions and answers
  • The quiz will be installed on your website or social media accounts
  • Drive traffic with a unique link or a separate landing page
Easy to integrate with:
марквиз интеграция с конструкторами сайтов
Стартовая страница квиза Марквиз
Visitors answer questions on your quiz and fill in their contact details
  • Learn valuable info about your visitors
  • After answering the questions, the user will submit their contact details
  • Higher conversions than your average contact form
Средняя конверсия квиза
Collect statistics about each step and analyze your results
интеграция с google analyticsинтеграция с facebook pixel
квиз на марквиз
Optimize for relevant results based on visitors' answers
  • Create a unique offer based on their answers
  • Show limited-time offers, discounts, bonuses and incentives
  • Show increasing discount rates to increase quiz completions
страница результатов марквиз
Contact your visitor with an offer that makes sense for them
  • Track quiz results through email or your CRM
  • Conversion is 5-6 times more likely than with a call or an email to a “cold” client
Integrations for leading services
интеграция с amocrmинтеграция с bitrix24интеграция с u-on travel
Easy integrations with various CRM, bulk email, and analytics systems coming soon.
форма контактов марквиз

Get started with ready-made templates

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Key features

.03 Conversion triggers

Created for maximum conversion, quizzes can be boosted by descending discounts, free catalogs, or personal discounts

Descending discounts
Increasing discounts
Percent discount
выбор валюты
Choose currency
.01 Different question types

Options, images, text fields, date selection, number ranges and many more

форматы ответов марквизварианты картинок
.04 Custom results

Create unique offers based off of their answers

.05 Templates library

Сhoose one of 40+ ready-made templates

библиотека шаблонов
.02 Logic branching

Use logic branching to ask relevant questions based on user responses

ветвление вопросов
.06 Simple editor

It's easy to configure a quiz and install it on the site. On average, it takes 9 minutes

интерфейс админки марквиз
.07 Contact forms or messengers

Replace your contact form and send followers directly to your direct messages or chat bots

.08 Landing Page with domain binding

Create a simple landing Page on Marquiz and link to your own domain. A separate site is no longer needed

landing page на марквиз
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5000 leads a month
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Unlimited quizzes on any subscription plan
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5000 ₽
1000 заявок
Пакет из 1000 заявок
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