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When your customers find themselves having to wait, start off with a question. Support and engage users at just the right moment with an entertaining and interactive quiz.

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Caring means faster customer solutions. Quizzes help users clarify their needs and make the right choice, all with a relevant and supportive experience.

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Based on users’ answers, quizzes automatically prioritize and map out conversations to their desired outcomes.

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The modern web is made to distract and influence you in ways we don’t support. Give your customers more via beautifully designed quizzes meant to show off their benefits in advance and collect user contact info at just the right moment.

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17% Конверсия
кейс квиза на марквиз продажи квартир

Увеличили продажи на 30% в несезон за счет квиза.

33 648 руб. за 3 месяца
Вконтакте, Instagram
100 000 руб. прибыли
17% Конверсия
кейс квиза на марквиз продажи квартир
Ремонт квартир

Нативная интеграция квиза в блоге Яндекс.Дзен

1 месяц
Снизили в 1.5 раза стоимость заявки
17% Конверсия
кейс квиза на марквиз продажи квартир

Снизили стоимость лида в 10 раз для турагентства.

2 дня
Я.Директ: Поиск + РСЯ
18 заявок по 59 руб.
17% Конверсия
кейс квиза на марквиз продажи квартир
Обучение английскому

Квиз в сторис для блогера преподавателя английского языка.

24 часа
Сторис в Instagram
386 заявок
Читать кейс
17% Конверсия
кейс квиза на марквиз продажи квартир

Неочевидный способ продаж трактора через Instagram.

3 243 руб
176 заявок
Читать кейс
17% Конверсия
кейс квиза на марквиз продажи квартир

Снижение стоимость заявки в 9 раз и запись на прием через квиз.

2 месяца
Конверсия 47,5% в запись на прием
Читать кейс

Quiz use cases

An elegant and sleek solution for research and marketingneeds

Research and test hypotheses

Marquiz helps iterate fast. Test hypotheses and make informed decisions based on data. Create surveys, collect feedback, and analyze responses with easy-to-use analytics in your personal account.

Для тех, кто непрерывно развивает насмотренность и профессиональные навыки, дарим 30 дней премиум-подписки от наших друзей из Epic Growth.

Видео, доклады, кейсы и воркшопы.
30-дней подписки по промокод MARQUIZ
Get strted
70 leads free

Segment and get to know your audience better, collect leads and applications with a quiz.

Quizzes are easy to start with. Create one in 10 minutes: set questions, use logic branching, and get a quick link.

Get started
70 leads free

Interactive tests

Take the engagement rate to the next level with interactive tests. Customize your quizzes with gameplay features that fit your needs and style.

Create a test
70 leads free


All you actually need is to stay a step ahead of your customers’ expectations.

We make it sound rather simple, right? That's because it is. We possess the tools to help clarify users’ needs and suggest the right goods. You serve customers before they reach out for help and get rid of any doubts.

Get started

We let others speak for us

Over 80,000 entrepreneurs, marketers, and teams with us

One of the best experiences I’ve had with a SaaS product

One of the best experiences I’ve had with a SaaS product. It was lacking a language which I required, Julia from Support assisted in adding it within days of request. Overall a solid product if you are doing a quiz, even occasionally (coming from someone who used a lot of survey products for business).

Henry Wan
Dec. 2, 2021
We kinda like Marquiz

Our designer was happy about how she could customize everything. Support was near instant to reply and were helpful. The description of the product matches to what it actually does. We've shipped our first quiz in days and we're sticking to Marquiz further on.

Nov. 25, 2021
Good Adaptable Product

Really pleased with Marquiz, does exactly as it says, is easily adaptable for a multitude of uses - and the support is both prompt and efficient.

Bret Kevyn
Nov. 24, 2021
Really Great — Must-have for easy information collection

This is a great tool - I have about 20 forms already active and working away.

I'm all about automation so this teamed up with Pabbly connect is a dream.

Each quiz/form can have each question/reply mapped to Pabbly via a Webhook so you can play with data as you wish. I have all completed quizzes/forms go to Airtable and Google Sheets for my clients as it's very neat.

With CNAMEs on each quiz/form it's made creating client booking requests, long forms and onboarding so easy!

One of THE BEST deals I have got here! Well done team - Good work. All in all, it's very solid and works - excited to see how this will get even better.

Terry James
April 24, 2021
Awesome product!!

I can’t believe I haven’t left my review for this yet, I’ve had it for a while now and I enjoy using it often. This is a powerful quiz creator! I love the consultant bubble, that you can map answers to specific results, and the option to white label per quiz, because I don’t necessarily need it for all quizzes. I am so happy that the creator of the app is so responsive, I reached out about disabling the lead form and I guess enough people had already asked about it that he said it was coming and it was implemented super quick!

I have built several quizzes for my unique course using the available templates. There aren’t many but it’s really all you need to build off the idea. Finally, I really love that you can give an incentive with completion of the quiz. Link to your site, your product, or anything you want. You can give a discount or add a downloadable file right to the end of the quiz. I love it, and I’m so glad I found this. Thanks!!

Brandon Ériu
May 5, 2021
A great tool for creating Quizzes, fast

I'm happy with the tool; it's easy to create a quiz, add beautiful design elements, and have a quiz working in no time.

I even used it for a demonstration to a client, and they were thrilled with the quiz, so I'm planning to use it more and add additional quizzes.

Théodore Ata
April 14, 2021
Create stunning marketing quizzes

I used to be an face-to-face sessional lecturer, but the past 2020 forced me to confront my professional identity and to consider another options so as not to lose my clients and lose my job, MARQUIZ helps me to know better my audience and consequently be able to delivery my clases, to my students without losing the quality of the content, without losing communication with my students, and staying in touch in a proper manner and timely as per their requests for support.

MARQUIZ gave me a big boost and and practically renewed my professional career by having me a personalized communication with my students and also give me the chance to check the effectiveness of my knowledge using an interactive format… It is incredible, now is so easy to launch quizzes for my existing students and at the same time get leads from the potential new students required to growth my business.

I am exited to hear soon about new features in special those related with statistics and the density of word, I hope all its new implementations been availables pretty soon...

Luis Resplandor
April 5, 2021
Great tool for creating quiz & getting more leads

Marquiz is wonderfully designed and very easy to use. For marketers, Marquiz is a great tool for creating additional question resources (as part of inbound marketing) or getting more leads.

April 2, 2021

Get started with ready-made templates

26 highly detailed templates


Customizable with endless possibilities

More features
have a look behind
the scenes
.02 Conversion triggers

Designed for maximum conversion, quizzes can be boosted via descending discounts, free catalogs, or personal discounts.

Descending discounts
Increasing discounts
Percent discount
выбор валюты
Choose currency
.01 Landing Page with domain binding

Create a simple landing page on Marquiz and link it to your own domain. You no longer need a separate site.

landing page на марквиз
.03 Simple editor

Create your first quiz in just minutes and run your marketing campaign from anywhere.

библиотека шаблонов
.04 Pleasant experience

We build elegant, simple designs that take into account how users naturally think and make decisions.

landing page на марквиз
.05 Branching logic

Use branching logic to ask relevant questions based on users’ responses.

библиотека шаблонов
.06 Different question types

Options, images, text fields, date selection, number ranges, and much more.

landing page на марквиз

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