Editorial policy and Tone of voice in Marquiz

For those interested in our internal workings, we've compiled some rules of our editorial policy and elaborated on our Tone of Voice.

Rule №1: We write for both newcomers and professionals in marketing and quiz marketing

Quizzes are a simple tool that will be understandable to both professional marketers and to entrepreneurs who want to do everything themselves. That's why we avoid complex terms and explain concepts from the world of quizzes and marketing in simple language. We don't get lost in professional jargon; we keep it simple.

Rule №2: In our blog, we tackle narrow topics and aren't afraid of going deep rather than broad

In our blog, we cover two main directions:
1. Broad topics to delve into marketing subjects that may interest many readers, always adding emphasis on how quizzes fit into the overall picture. We demonstrate that the concept of quiz marketing is an integral part of marketing as a whole.
2. Narrow topics to provide value to those already using quizzes and seeking more specific details.

Our Tone of Voice

Overall tone and communication style

Genuine and Easygoing

We express ourselves in a lively, emotional manner and enjoy light-hearted humor, even when it's self-directed.
❌ Unable to send the email. Please verify the email address.
✅ Oops! That didn't quite work out... Sure the address is right?
We're always evolving, aiming to improve and be more helpful, unafraid of making mistakes. We're human too, and it's okay to not always have it together.

As Partners

We walk alongside the consumer, but there's no condescending "let us guide you" or archetypes of "parent" and "wise one". We discuss as equals, share advice, using fewer infinitives and more first-person plural verbs.
❌ Take a look.
❌ We need to take a look.
✅ Let's take a look.
✅ Let's see.

Confident, Yet Approachable

We exude confidence without snobbishness. We enjoy sharing our expertise when needed by our clients. We educate without preaching, with positivity and care.
❌ Your plan has expired, you won't be able to see leads anymore.
✅ Your plan has expired, but the quiz continues to operate and collect leads. Please recharge your account to view the leads.

Personal Boundaries and Sense of Moderation

Jokes within bounds: we refrain from personal attacks and devaluing others' work. We carefully adhere to the agenda, avoiding jokes about politics and harassment.
This way, we protect ourselves from negative reactions and create a content-safe space for every user.
❌ Previous example:
💡 We offer you to find yourself right in the center of a money explosion💥 Sketch your case for our blog and show everyone how skillfully you push squares, blend smoothies, massage married ladies, or speak English through quizzes. We'll bring you a large audience, provide smooth links, and gently place all content on our website 🤗 In our blog, there's 20% more love for users than in other company blogs. We're waiting for you, we want you, we're stoked about you!
❌ Slang: sketch, massage, speak
❌ Rude jokes: "massage married ladies", "we want you"
✅ Revised example:
💡 3, 2, 1… Action! 🎬 We invite you to take the stage of our blog and share your story🔥. Let everyone learn how to skillfully work with quizzes: drive sales, warm up leads, and test hypotheses. Your case will enter our blog like a star on the walk of fame 📣 It's time to tell about yourself. We await your cases, we've already rolled out the red carpet 🤗.

Topics We Avoid Discussing

Bitcoins, crypto, pyramid schemes, dubious business schemes, information manipulation.


We use them 😎. Placing them at the end or beginning of a sentence, but we don't overdo it. No more than one per sentence.

Impression of Interacting with Marquiz

Friendly, responsive, caring.

A high-quality product that's definitely worth trying, even if they're not sure how they'll use it.

Confidence in the product's outcome.

First impression: "YES! This is it, I want it!"

The uniqueness and universality of the tool.