The best interactive quiz builder

Marquiz features


A variety of answer types

Create text, image-based, multiple choice, and other types of answers

Logic branching

Set logic branching criteria to jump to specific questions based on previous answers
логика вопросов марквиз

Conversion Rate Optimization

Get higher results by adding discounts, free downloads and other bonuses.
квиз на марквиз


Discounts may boost conversions by 3-5%

нарастающая скидка
Ascending discounts
тающая скидка
Descending discounts

Downloadable bonuses

Motivate users to take your quiz by offering a bonus that's available after taking it.

бонус: бесплатный каталог
Free catalog
бонус: прайс-лист
Your best proposal

Lots of integration

Share data between your quizzes and your CRM, email marketing software and other tools through Zapier integration
отправка уведомлений на Email
отправка уведомлений в Telegram
интеграция с albato
Analytical Systems
интеграция с google analytics
интеграция с Yandex metrika
интеграция с Roistat
интеграция с facebook Pixel
интеграция с вк пиксель
CRM systems
интегарция с amocrm
интеграция с Bitrix24
интеграция с u-on Travel
интеграция с LPtracker
Email services
интеграция с unisender
интеграция с Getresponse
интеграция с Sendpulse

Case studies for highest conversions

We accumulate cases, create free webinars, and enlarge our knowledge base every week.
кейсы Марквиз

Case studies

We collect cases and hold free weekly webinars to help you get the best results.

Look up cases in our blog

The knowledge base

Every week, we post articles on how to improve your quiz. E.g., how to integrate a quiz into a website or how to work with third-party constructors, services, and analytical systems.

Open knowledgebase
база знаний марквиз

Easy to customize

Themes, buttons and animation settings

Ready-made solutions that have proven their effectiveness

Flexible customization

No limits for quiz styling. Fits various niches: from legal services to a children's clothing store

Font selection

Support a large number of unique fonts

Create unique quizzes matching your brand's style

Quiz results based on users' answers

Map results with users’ answers and show them before or after the capture form. Use it as a product recommendation tool also.
авторезультаты марквиз

Quiz templates collection

Choose one of our 40 pre-set templates, then add or edit the questions to customize the quiz to your needs.
готовые шаблоны марквиз

Landing page with a domain name

Create a simple landing page and link it to your domain name.
A separate website is no longer needed.
Landing Page на марквиз

Messengers or lead form

Use messengers instead of form fields to drive users to direct messages or chatbots for higher conversion rates.
интеграция с мессенджерами на марквиз

Scoring logic

Assign a score value to each answer.
Respondents receive results based on their score range.
настройка баллов за ответы

Grouping quizzes by projects

Group your quizzes into projects and organize collaborative work by granting access to your co-workers.
Организация квизов по проектам
Gain more customers, more revenue faster via a polished interactive quiz.
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