TOP 9 Typeform Alternatives in 2024 (Free + Paid)

Updated on March, 2024 by Ivan Shumaylov

I think you would agree that finding the right tool to create forms, surveys, and quizzes is challenging. There are too many options so it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Typeform is great and a widely-used solution, meanwhile it also has its disadvantages and it’s not ideal for everyone. 

Today I’m going to show you the TOP 9 tools that you can use as an alternative to a Typeform…

…so you don’t have to spend hours on it.

Each has its Pros & Cons (based on customers’ reviews).

Each has its unique angle.

So simply pick the main goal you want to accomplish.

  1. Marquiz — to get more qualified leads
  2. Jotform — to create forms
  3. Paperform — to create forms
  4. Formstack — to create forms
  5. SurveyMonkey — to do surveys
  6. Qualaroo — to do surveys and forms
  7. Qualtrics — to do advanced surveys and forms
  8. Google Forms — to create basic forms and surveys
  9. Microsoft Forms — to create basic forms and surveys

And let’s dive in!

1. Marquiz


✅ perfect solution for lead generation with a detailed focus on high conversion rates (example: one click required to proceed to the next question; visualized bonuses for completing the quiz etc.)

✅ 6+ ways for users to leave their contact info: classic email, telephone, and also Telegram, Whatsapp, Messenger, etc.

✅ you can use a quiz as a separate landing page (so you don’t need a website at all)

✅ you can create fully customized complex forms, surveys, and quizzes (branch logic, lead scoring, design templates for specific niches, accept payments, etc.)

✅ seamless 3rd party integrations via Zapier/Webhook


❌ performance-based pricing (might not suit best if you do massive surveys)

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing: starts at $19/month

Who it’s for: For small business owners & marketers who want to get more “high-intent” / pre-qualified leads (active client acquisition or to test quiz marketing in their sales funnel

2. Jotform

Via Jotform


✅ easy drag and drop builder

✅ a lot of integrations with other platforms (MailChimp, HubSpot, DropBox, etc.)

✅ wide range of templates available

✅ ability to accept payments


❌ occasionally quite overwhelming interface (you can spend hours figuring out the right template or element to customize)

❌ no live support (you can’t solve certain bags/difficulties fast)

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing: starts at $39/month

Who it’s for: this tool is for those who want to use forms (in its broadest sense)

3. Paperform

Via Paperform


✅ simple and user-friendly (“like Google Forms but with all critical functionality)

✅ ability to accept payments

✅ fast customer support


❌ you have to upgrade the price if you want to use additional integrations or functionality

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing: starts at $24/month

Who it’s for: an ultimate tool to create forms that could be used for a wide range of purposes

4. Formstack

Via Formstack


✅ allows creating complex forms with ease

✅ intuitive drag and drop interface

✅ wide range of integration options with third-party services

✅ no limits on additional forms creation


❌ the design of certain forms might look a little bit outdated

❌ not the best solution if you want to create surveys (it lacks various form fields/control over it in comparison to alternatives)

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing: starts at $59/month

Who it’s for: a great tool is for those who want to create forms for their projects/businesses and for internal use

5. SurveyMonkey

Via SurveyMonkey


✅ widely used tool (people are familiar with the interface)

✅ it has all the key features you might need for your surveys (customization, data collection, templates, etc.)

✅ more functionality in terms of user verification/data anonymity in comparison to free analogs


❌ lack of functionality if you want to create classic forms

❌ you have to switch to a paid plan once you want to implement surveys on a regular basis

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing: starts at $25/month

Who it’s for: almost an ultimate tool if you want to create surveys of all kinds

6. Qualaroo

Via Qualaroo


✅ UI/UX-friendly interface

✅ can create surveys for a specific, very limited group of audience

✅ unique in-depth powerful AI sentiment analysis (able to “understand” feeling behind the responses)

✅ wide range of integrations with 3rd party services


❌ can’t test all features on the trial version

❌ the price is a little higher in comparison to other services

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing: starts at $100/month

Who it’s for: great for mid-sized businesses that want to bring their surveys segmentation to the next level

7. Qualtrics

Via Qualtrics


✅ a comprehensive solution with powerful in-depth analytics

✅ easy user interface with data insights that help to better structure your surveys

✅ great solution for big teams (even cheaper than some analogs if you have a lot of users)

✅ great customer support


❌ one of the most expensive Typeform alternatives

❌ sometimes it feels like it has more than you actually need, so you’re underusing it

❌ no monthly option available

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing: starts at $1,500/year

Who it’s for: ideally for big teams with powerful tools for conducting surveys, collecting customers feedback, as well as forms

8. Google Forms

Via Google Forms


✅ free solution

✅ widely used tool (people are familiar with the interface)

✅ user-friendly intuitive interface


❌ lacks a range of elements/options in comparison to the analogs

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing: Free

Who it’s for: great for those who want to create a fast and simple form/survey without complex features/customizations

9. Microsoft Forms

Via Microsoft Forms


✅ free solution

✅ simple forms and surveys creation tool

✅ integrations with other Microsoft services

✅ all general form features are available


❌ lack functionality in complex form creation in comparison to alternatives

❌ lacks flexibility in templates customization

❌ unable to share a form (so you have to use 3rd party solutions or switch to a business/education subscription)

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing: Free (for personal use)

Who it’s for: all users who want to create simple forms/surveys (especially for those who are actively using the Microsoft platform)

Ivan Shumaylov
Growth marketer at Marquiz
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