How to Make a Quiz Landing Page in 20 Minutes

Instead of spending days on hiring landing page builders or looking for people in freelance marketing, create a quiz landing page in 20 minutes and start getting more orders today. Yes, you can absolutely do it for free.

What Is a Quiz Landing Page?

A quiz landing page contains a short test of 4-5 questions and a contact capture form at the end. The purpose of this tool is to help a potential customer make a decision, get involved in the process, and leave a purchase order request.

Quizzes have higher conversion rates than traditional one-page landing pages. The reason is that quizzes warm up the audience. These users are more likely to engage compared to cold audiences who are asked to leave their contacts on an unfamiliar site.

Why Quizzes Bring More Customers

  • Feeling of contributing – this is based on the fact that if a user spends time and effort on a certain solution (product), it will be more difficult for them to refuse whatever result they get. So, if your customer answers 5 questions, it becomes harder to give everything up and leave at the last step;
  • Fear of missing out – this effect implies the fear of losing something or missing an opportunity. Quizzes operate by this principle: customers submit their contact information in order not to lose a discount for answering questions;
  • Confirmation of assumptions - at the end of the quiz, you can show the survey results before the contact form. For example, recommend a product or service based on the answers a user has given. They will be more inclined to purchase from you because you’ve built a good level of trust with them. After all, the user answered questions themselves and confirmed what suits them.

Anatomy of a Quiz Landing Page

Here, we’ll talk about what this simple and effective marketing tool consists of.

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Quiz Home Page

At this stage, your prospective customer will see a heading, an image, company details, and one single button that leads to the questions. Giving site visitors only one option makes everything easier and raises conversion.

What You Can Customize

  • Image (left, right, center)
  • Video or gif instead of the image 
  • Heading - it should convey why a user should take the quiz: "Answer these 5 questions to find an apartment" or "Choose your perfect suit in 5 questions."
  • Subheading – it should reveal additional value: "By the end of the quiz, you’ll find the right floor plan for you and a 15% discount."
  • Button "start," "learn more," "next", etc.
  • General identification data (if needed)
  • Logo and company name, so that visitors know who presents the quiz


The fundamental part of the quiz is the questions. We recommend picking simple ones in different formats to encourage higher involvement from visitors and form positive emotions. There are 9 such formats in the constructor; some of them can be viewed below.

  • Choose a response format to engage the buyer; 
  • Add explanations to clarify why you are asking these questions, or suggest which answer you expect to see;
  • Customize question branching depending on the answer to the previous one. For example, when answering the question "Are you a man or a woman?", display one set of further questions for men and a completely different set for women.

Quiz Results

You can customize the results to show before or after the contact form. Or, you can skip this part altogether and send it by email.

  • Configure how the test results are displayed depending on the answers; 
  • Set up the results depending on how many points a user scored in the test; 
  • Experiment with showing results before / after / not showing results.

Contact Form

At the end of the quiz, give the users an offer to leave their contacts to get access to a special offer or receive a discount.

  • Think carefully about what you offer - there must be a strong reason to leave a request here and now; 
  • Strengthen the value of the contact form and offer bonuses for taking the quiz: catalogs, price lists, presentations, and other gifts; 
  • Only ask for contact information that you need to simplify the process for the customer; 
  • Do your customers use messaging apps? Ask them to leave these contacts instead of the usual email and phone number.

How to Create a Quiz for Free

  1. Create an account on
  2. Create a quiz for free with all the functionalities you need.
  3. Copy the direct link to the quiz in the editor, and you're done.
  4. We recommend connecting the analytics tool to collect response statistics and see at which point you lose leads. You can do this right in the service by pressing one button.
  5. Connect this link with your paid ads or choose something from the list of free ways to promote your quiz.

How to Promote Quizzes for Free 

  • Publish the quiz on your website if it already has traffic. 
  • Share a link to the quiz on your social media accounts.
  • Share a link to the quiz on social media, community pages, or websites where your target audience's conversations take place.
  • Write a short article on Medium, HubPages, or another similar site where you can explore the topic.
  • Send out the link to contacts from your mailing database (if you have such). 
  • Attach a link to the quiz to your email signature (if there is a command to duplicate the email for all recipients).
  • Post the link in groups / forums / discussion comments, etc.
  • Try to negotiate an affiliate mailing list. Example: We sell tents and have created a quiz that helps you choose the best one. Users that take the quiz and buy a tent from us receive a thermos as a gift. Then we reach out to a store that sells thermoses and ask them to attach their quiz in their mailing list.

    The more tents we sell -> the more thermoses we will purchase from this store. 
  • The quiz can be published not only on your website but also on websites that you maintain partnerships with (see the example above). 
  • Record a podcast and mention the quiz there.
  • Shoot a video and mention the quiz.

Paid Methods

  • Targeted advertising 
  • Contextual advertising 
  • Ask bloggers to talk about your quiz on their platform. 
  • Buy advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Discord servers, etc.
  • Buy ads in social media groups. 
  • Promote the quiz in someone else’s video or podcast.

P.S. Here is a link once again so that you don’t have to scroll back.

Alex Balin
Product Growth Manager at Marquiz
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