How to Get More Leads With a Quiz?

We’ve been doing a lot of consultations for our users recently on how to improve their quizzes. And there have been so many requests that we couldn’t follow up on every request and stopped the activity. So, if you sent a request and didn’t hear from us, don’t be disappointed, we’ve created a guide, that will answer most of your questions. 

How to boost the conversion of a quiz?

We could come up with a list of 10 things to do to improve the conversion, but there are only 3 key things you need to know that will help you maximize the potential of your quiz and increase the number of incoming leads. 

  • where and why a quiz is used
  • what things you need to avoid not to ruin conversion
  • what hypothesis worked with other businesses and how you can apply them 

In the first part, we’ll speak about why you need a quiz and how to avoid mistakes. 

Why do you need a quiz?

The main objective of a quiz is to help a customer make their choice. 

The main objective of a quiz is to help a customer make their choice. If you created a quiz only to get the contact details of your prospects, I’m afraid you don’t understand the full potential of this tool. But if you use it properly, you’ll be able to get 4-6 times more conversions than that of a landing page. 

Let’s check out your quiz.

Look at it right now. Open it in a separate window. 

Go to the “Quiz installation” tab, and then to “Direct link”, copy the link and open it. 

Answer the questions and think for a minute. Did the questions help you make a choice? If no, then the main reason of not getting enough leads is found. 

A good example of a quiz.

In this quiz about the pillows for pregnant women, you can feel the care about a customer. We not only help select the right thing from the catalog but also help to decide what pillow is suitable for a specific customer. 

An example of a quiz that needs a review. 

Do you know what is the advantage of the pillow shop? It offers a discount for taking the quiz. 

But the clients of the uggs shop doesn’t care about the price, they simply don’t know what model to choose. 

In this case, it would be better to draw the attention of a customer to the help that is offered in selecting the right pair of uggs. For example, “Answer 5 questions to see 3 models that go perfectly with your style.” And at the end of a quiz, you can offer a discount on a purchase. 

What if I sell only one product?

Imagine that you’re selling a “...” Offer to take a quiz for your potential customer in order to find out if it’s a good idea to buy this gadget at all.

Ask questions about kids and free time and then show the result that says something like: “This gadget can be absolutely useful for you because kids love listening to fairy tales, and you can spend the time with your spouse while the kids are busy. Are you ready to get it tomorrow at your door? Then leave your phone number.”

Such questions may seem weird, but the main idea of them is to attract the attention of a client. 

What if I provide services

The majority of Marquiz users offer services to their clients, like design or real estate. 

A good example when you need to find a contractor. It is important for the client to have his house built, but he doesn’t understand many details about it. Offer them to take a quiz to learn more about the materials that are going to be used to build their house. 

This type of question shows your expertise, which highers the level of trust towards your company, which can help you get more contracts. 

What if my clients know what they want and inquiry about the price only?

It often happens in the business of house repairs. 

In this case, you can offer them to answer several questions to get a quote. For example: “Answer 5 simple questions to estimate the cost of the repairs.”

Ask about the footage, the interior, anything that can help you provide an estimated cost. Before asking for contact details show an intermediate result like “The approximate cost of a square foot is $... But we think we it can cost you even less. Leave your number to learn how to get the best value for the price.”

What mistakes ruin conversion?

There’s no secret recipe for success. There are some tricks that work in one type of business but are completely inapplicable in another. But there some common mistakes that can be avoided in promoting online training courses or real estate services.

Mistake #1 - unmet expectations

The most common mistake is unmet expectations. It happens when you ask your potential client to answer the questions to find out the price, but you ask for his contact details at the end of a quiz.

The result: the customer is unsatisfied and leaves the page with bad emotions.

The solution: show the intermediate result. When customers get an intermediate result, their brain thinks it’s  reward and they are more willing to provide their contact information.

Mistake #2 - difficult questions

This mistake is less common, but it did took some leads away from business owners. Sometimes we tend to forget that our potential clients are not yet familiar with our product.

The result: customers choose not to take the quiz because they don’t understand what we want from them. 

The solution: ask simple questions with simple options, speak the same language with the customer. 

Mistake #3 - the offer is bad

Without a strong offer, there is no strong strategy, whether it’s a quiz or a landing page or social media. Don’t forget to provide an offer that is hard to deny at the end of a quiz. You’ll never see a lot of leads if there’s something like “Leave your phone number, we’ll contact you soon”.

The result: the customer is not sure why he needs to provide his contact information or take the quiz at all.

The solution: use your unique value proposition or a classic 4U offer. 

Using the key points outlined in this piece of reading you can significantly increase the number of leads with a quiz. In the next article, we’ll share 15 useful tactics that you can easily implement in your quizzes.

P.S. No mistakes and still not enough leads?

Read the 15 useful tactics to increase the conversion of a quiz in the second part. 

Alex Balin
Product Growth Manager at Marquiz
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