Case Study: Enhancing Online HR Course Sales in India and the USA with Marquiz

Hi everyone! I'm Kira, a Marquiz user. I'm thrilled to share a case study showing how Marquiz empowered a client company, a specialist in HR training courses, to boost student enrollment. Using Marquiz, we gained over 700 course registrations in just three months! This case study outlines the steps we took, the strategy we employed, and the impressive results we got.


A company specializing in providing HR training approached me for assistance. They offer online courses aimed at budding professionals in the field and those seeking to advance their qualifications.


The company aspired to expand into new markets, namely India and the USA. They sought my expertise in creating engaging forms tailored to their audience: senior HR management whose goal was professional development.

Strategy & Execution:

We developed two quizzes in English, each specifically tailored for the Indian and American markets. In the Indian version, we featured images of young Indian men since this demographic predominantly occupies top positions in India. Conversely, the American quiz showcased smiling individuals of diverse genders, races, and ages, mirroring American culture.

Both quizzes contained seven questions. The start page enticed users with a compelling headline: “Answer 7 questions to identify your key strengths and use them to advance your career and increase your income.” The incentive we offered was an e-book called “Receive your HR career development plan!" which leads received via email after completing the form and providing contact information. Establishing appropriate motivation for the audience in exchange for their contact information is a vital part of success.

We launched campaigns across several social networks, specifically Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


1. The lead form designed for HR professionals seeking advanced qualifications in India achieved a conversion rate of 35.9% from ad clicks to applications. Over three weeks, the quiz garnered 1929 clicks, resulting in 692 course applications via the client's platform. This initiative allowed us to assess the readiness of the Indian market for online HR courses aimed at top management. It also generated a steady influx of applications via targeted advertising for the company's new regional direction and enabled audience segmentation within the quiz.

2. The American lead form yielded a slightly lower conversion rate, reflecting the higher competition in the educational services market. The conversion from ad click to application was 25.5%. Over the same period, we received 294 quiz clicks and 75 applications. This effort tested the company's new product in the American market and fostered a consistent flow of applications via targeted advertising in this region.

Key Insight:

Although both forms shared a similar structure, we used different images for each one. It’s crucial to portray the potential target audience in quizzes while keeping their cultural, demographic, and social characteristics in mind. For instance, if your quiz targets mothers, use images of happy mothers. If your quiz targets a specific country, the quiz should feature individuals resembling occupants of that region.

I hope my experience is helpful to you when you’re crafting your lead forms! I wish you the best of luck using Marquiz.

Danil Khoroshilov
Growth Marketer at Marquiz
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