What Is a Quiz?

A quiz on Instagram

Do you offer consultations or sell anything on Instagram? Then, this piece of reading is for you! If it’s about you, keep reading. If it’s not, but you wish it was, keep on reading anyway because a surprise is waiting for you after you finish. 

For those who can’t wait: (a link to the surprise), that we’re a going to talk about later.

What is a quiz?

Check out this cartoon to learn more.

The main idea of a quiz

For businesses, the main purpose of a quiz is to help get contact details not only of the “hot” leads but also of those who are in the process of making a decision and aren’t yet 100 % ready to buy. 

For customers, quizzes help make a decision with a few simple questions and leave their contact information with a lesser stress amount that they usually have when they visit a landing page or a website. 

Why do you need a quiz on Instagram?

A quiz on Instagram may save you up to 10 hours of work per week of having to answer your clients’ messages in Direct or WhatsApp.

If your account receives tons of likes and comments, has already got an army of followers, and offers great products, then you know what it’s like when your Direct is filled up with inquiries. It takes a huge amount of time and effort to follow up on these inquiries, send links for payments trying not to accidentally delete an inquiry or simply miss one in tons of them.

Some followers might be disappointed by waiting for a prompt reply and finally, you end up looking for an SMM manager. Yep, we know it’s not easy to handle your popularity in social media!

Some nimble opinion leaders order a webpage or make one themselves using online software in a faint attempt to systemize that chaos. It’s not a bad decision at first sight, but it does take a lot of time and technical knowledge indeed. Besides, such a webpage works mostly for the hot audience, who is ready for the purchase. In order not to lose those leads who are still hesitant about their decision and generate more revenue in the long run, you can go ahead and create a quiz, which can be used as a mini-version of a webpage.

You can set it up in a matter of minutes at Marquiz

  • I sign up on Marquiz for free with my email and password.
  • Now I choose a template. I’m lucky, I have a pre-set template for my type of business. You can choose a template or create one from scratch.
  • Set auto results for the questions that are going to be shown based on users’ answers. In my case, a nutrition plan that is suitable for a customer’s purpose will be shown.
  • There’s a capture form at the end of the quiz. I’ll send a nutrition plan after the capture form is filled out. I don’t want to get phone numbers or emails. I’ll use Watsapp instead.
  • Now I post the link on my bio.

Done! It’s that easy. No hassle. Now you can announce to your followers that a quiz is available on your bio and watch what happens next!

Alex Balin
Product Growth Manager at Marquiz
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