How quizzes work for fitness clothing online stores

Euphoria specializes in bold and bright fitness clothes for women. Their unique feature is that they’ve been creating a new collection each month and producing their high-quality fitness garments at a local manufacturer for a while before they decided to start their retail business in 2018. 

What their task was and how they ended up launching a quiz

It seems easy to start an online store at first glance. Create a webpage with the goods, set up payment acquiring, launch a marketing campaign and start earning money. Sounds like a mixed blessing! After Euphoria had spent days on developing their website they finally launched paid ads with Google, Facebook and Instagram. They got their first 1000 visits but no sales. 

We studied visitor behavior in Google Analytics and understood that their website needed some adjustments. Adjustments in any online business can be done forever, which require constant investment, but we needed some quick results at that moment to get first sales. 

Our marketing team at suggested using a quiz. The sales team at Euphoria thought up some questions and launched a quiz on their website and started testing the new tool. At that moment they decided to decrease their marketing budget and, as a result, started getting fewer visitors. However, visitors started leaving their Whatsapp numbers in exchange for a discount coupon. Then, sales managers contacted the visitors in Whatsapp and Euphoria finally started getting their first sales.

Quizzes on a website

There are two quizzes on the website. The first quiz is a great substitution for the size chart, which is inside each product card. When testing the quiz it was clear that the customers weren’t willing to order clothes without trying them on. So we decided to substitute the size chart with an interactive quiz. The visitors were asked to provide their chest, waist, and hips measurements, and then at the end of the quiz, they were matched with clothes of their size and received a promo code for their first purchase.

The other quiz pops up when the visitor tries to leave the website. It offers to provide a personalized selection of clothes based on the answers. With each question, a visitor sees an increased percentage of the discount and at the end of the quiz, a visitor is asked to leave their Whatsapp number and get their promo code directly to the messenger. 

However, a promo code is shown right after they have entered their phone number. At first, we tried to redirect visitors to a chatbot, but then we noticed that if the promo code is shown right after they’ve submitted the phone number and received the message “Promo code valid for the next 2 hours only”, the quiz generated more sales. 

Marquiz settings for EUOHORIA

It took some time to set up the logic of questions and results to match each visitor with their perfect product, but it’s totally worth it. A quiz like that can completely substitute a boring filter and customers love it! They answer a few questions and see a customized collection or everything that fits their size. Psychologically it works like quizzes narrow down the search and visitors hesitate less after that.  

Ascending discounts and conditional logic can be used to personalize a quiz to every visitor so that they answer only relevant questions and enjoy their time on the website.

How a quiz influenced conversion and cost per lead?

The conversion started happening in the first place. In the beginning, the business owners relied on customers' independent choice to make a purchase but later they understood that their goods are best sold via consultation in the messenger. And the quiz helped them collect more Whatsapp numbers to consult their prospects on their choice. 

They weren’t trying to take the CPL into account at first. They calculated the effectiveness of their marketing campaign based on sophisticated unit economics. Later they saw that their calculations and CPL are aligned. ROI commenced with the very first purchase via the quiz. 


At one moment Euphoria decided to make some changes to their website, paused their paid ads, and started promoting via Instagram. Sometime later they logged in to their Marquiz account and found 50 leads there and immediately reactivated their subscription to keep using our service even with minimum traffic coming in through the quiz. 

EUPHORIA has been extending their subscription for several months in a row. They also shared their results on using Marquiz with their fellow entrepreneurs.

If you want to share your story on using Marquiz, please do so and we’ll be happy to know about your results and share them with our customers. 

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