6 Best Lead Generation Quizzes in 2024 (w/ Complete Guide & Examples)

Let's cut to the chase.

EVERYBODY wants to harness the power of lead generation through quizzes. 

They are one of the most interactive and effective ways to attract visitors to your business website and convert them to potential leads. 

On average, the lead forms in an online quiz could boost your opt-in rates by up to 57%, a number that is nothing short of a myth if you are still relying on traditional popups. 

These leads could boost your revenue and generate consistent traction for you and your business. 

In the long term, this will be an absolute godsend when you realize interactions with your visitors were the key all along. 

Seems easy enough, right?

What Can You Do Differently?

The thing is, EVERYONE would be doing it if that were the case. 

Unfortunately, people wanting to utilize lead generation through quizzes need to realize that they are being too predictable.

But you do realize that people have gotten smarter. 

They aren't dumb and aren't in the mood for playing around and wasting time getting caught up in a clever marketing scheme.

You are probably asking yourself this question right now:

Maybe you overheard your neighbor using the word 'lead generation quizzes,' and the idea of it is firmly planted inside your mind. 

Maybe you saw your neighbor actually get the results he wanted and scale his business tenfold over the past couple of months. 

As he sits there lazing in his jacuzzi with cash raining down on him, you say, "I want to do what he did too”.

You also want to get your feet wet, figure out what the buzz is all about, and implement the power of lead generation quizzes. 

Guess what?

The answer is right there under your nose.

What Is A Lead Generation Quiz?

Do you know what one of the first mistakes people wanting to scale their business through lead generation quizzes make?

They don't do their research correctly. 

Many people mix the concept of lead generation quizzes with generic quizzes, and this slight mishap may change the entire course of their journey. 

So, what IS a lead generation quiz exactly?

In its simplest terms, a lead generation quiz is an interactive quiz integrated into the website, generating effective leads for you and your business. 

Instead of throwing CTAs at your visitors' faces, lead generation quizzes provide them with interactive questions, the answers of which lead them toward a specific service. 

Lead generation quizzes also have lead forms attached near the end, where the users can put in their email addresses or contact information. 

Does A Lead Generation Quiz Work?

Okay, so you are ready to take your lead generation operations to the next level.

But what's the use?

Will it even work?

Will implementing lead-generation quizzes bring you HIGH-QUALITY results in the long term?

Well done! These are all valid questions and stuff you should ask when doing your research. After all, results are what you need in the long term. 

You see, quizzes work wonders for businesses these days because they get visitors to sign up for their databases.

Let me clarify.

Lead generation quizzes require the user to enter their email, adding them to a list in your database. 

This list can later be used for reaching out to your visitors in the future and collecting personalized data, which will be vital for scaling your business. 

Compare this to the traditional opt-in form, where visitors wouldn't even give a damn about your products after leaving your website. 

The practicality of it all is simple:

In a nutshell, lead generation quizzes have a higher success rate (up to almost 57%!) when converting high-quality leads compared to measly popups.

Categories and Types of Lead Generation Quizzes

Picture this.

You are going through a website that sells customized sneakers. 

A quiz pops up asking you to put in answers to questions to connect you to the sneakers of your dreams. 

But as you continue to answer, you realize that the questions are overwhelming. Some questions are OK, for example, "What Is Your Favorite Color." 

But other questions are about whether you have faced any problems with your previous sneakers. 

These scattered questions keep coming like a horde of mindless zombies, and before you reach the end of the quiz, you are left scratching your head.

This is EXACTLY why 81% of people fail to properly implement lead generation quizzes.

Here's how you can stand out.

Categorize your questions. 

Not every quiz needs to barrage your visitors with a truckload of questions and collect personalized information. 

To determine which category of lead generation quiz to choose, look at your niche.

In this case, if you are running a business selling customized sneakers, you will need to ask questions targeting your visitors' personalities. 

Your visitors are smart. 

They know exactly what they want from your business. 

So asking them their favorite color is a personality question. 

On the other hand, asking them if they faced any issues with their previous sneakers makes them think, "what on Earth would he even do with that information?". 

This is why it is super important to know the types of lead generation quizzes when choosing one to implement on your website.

Here are the SIX MAIN CATEGORIES of quizzes that you can use as a tactic to generate leads:

Using The Personality Quiz

The backbone of any lead generation quiz is getting to know your visitor and then recommending products that suit them.

Personality quizzes serve precisely that purpose. 

You can use personality quizzes to learn specific things about your visitors so you can showcase to them the products that best match their personalities. 

You can use personality quizzes as a tactic because of three main things:

Inclusivity: It makes your visitor feel included as they share personal information when answering questions, which makes them trust your platform.

Relating: The visitors will be able to connect themselves to what you are offering since their personalized information will be a perfect match.

Curiosity: Everybody wants to know something new about themselves. You can use their curiosity as a tool and ask them questions that intrigue them. 

Using The Knowledge Quiz 

Knowledge is power.

You can use knowledge quizzes as a tactic to put your visitors to the test. The questions are customized to test your visitors' knowledge and collect more information about them. 

The best part about it? 

You could create a system that would rank the results, and people would absolutely dig it because, hey, who doesn't love a little competition? 

Using The Assessment Quiz 

Assessment quizzes are universal.

You can use them in almost any scenario to assess your visitors' current situations.

After asking questions, you may even consider sending them multiple follow-up newsletters that consider their situation. 

The crown jewel of it all? 

Quizzes like these are 94.7% effective when the service that you are offering can be customized to match your visitor's situation. 

Using The Troubleshooting Quiz

The world is full of problems and tech issues.

If you ever want to be a superhero, this will be your best shot because your quiz might swoop in and save the day for your visitors. 

You can use troubleshooting quizzes to diagnose your visitors' problems. 

Ask them about their problems and then offer them solutions through your services.

Using The Qualification Quiz

If you've been on the internet for long enough, you might know a thing or two about pop culture-centric sites.

How often have you come across prompts popping up in your face asking you, "Are You The Perfect Fit To Be The Next Superman?" or "Do You Have What It Takes To Beat Professor X?". 

If you are a pop culture freak, the answer is every single day.

These qualification quizzes aim to see if the visitors qualify for a particular scenario.

To make the most use of these quizzes, try to avoid turning them into a serious factor where every qualification must be met.

Instead, structure your questions so that the visitor has fun answering them.

Most importantly, ensure they are rewarded with results that match the information they entered.  

After all, you don't want to dub them as a potential Jeff Bezos when their current annual income is lower than $100,000. 

Using Trivia Quizzes

Of course, this needs no introduction, given how they spread like ants over scattered sugar. 

Trivia quizzes are short, sweet, and fun to complete when done correctly. 

But don't think too much of them in business terms, though. Remember that the purpose of trivia quizzes isn't to collect information and generate leads.

Here's one trick you can use to utilize trivia quizzes.

Use trivia quizzes to broaden your brand. 

Keep them short, so they can be shared easily, attracting traction to your business.

Think of it this way.

Trivia quizzes are just the tip of the iceberg; they are the icing on the cake. 

Use them as a gateway by recommending the actual lead-generation quizzes to visitors when they complete the trivia.   

How To Implement The Best Lead Generation Quiz Strategy

A perfectly crafted quiz will hook your visitors in and keep them engaged throughout the prompt. 

That's how simple it is.

But you could use many ways and tactics to roll out your strategy. If you need clarification about how to start, fear not!

Here's what you are going to do first.

Pick a lead generation quiz that best suits your niche or industry from the categories above.

After completing it, start making questions that fit that category. For example, ask questions that target the visitor's personality if it's a personality quiz. 

One trick you can use is to look at the question from the visitor's viewpoint. 

This will tell you precisely if your questions make sense to your visitor.

After you are done making the questions, it's time to step up your game and move on to the big leagues. 

It's time to implement actual tactics you can use in your lead generation quiz to scale your business. 

How To Create An Appealing Lead Generation Quiz Title

A good quiz title for lead generation is what Romeo is to Juliet. 

It's what flamethrowers are to Elon Musk.

Never underestimate the power of an appealing quiz title because, let's face it, the title decides if it's worth completing the quiz. 

No one will give a damn about your quiz if your title says, "Pay Attention And Answer These Questions To See How Much You Know About Current Events Going On In The World."

Now that's time wasted reading your visitor is never going to get back. 

And no one in this world likes to waste time.

The solution?

There are plenty.

Let's start with restructuring the previous title. Instead of cramming in that mouthful, you could instead say, "Are You Aware Of Current World Events? Take the Quiz!". 

That's it. Short, concise, and straightforward. 

You just chopped that nasty previous title in half just by rephrasing your sentence. It looks cleaner now and is more likely to go easy on the eyes of your visitors. 

Here are some more tricks you can use to beautify your title:

Shorten your titles: 

Pack a huge punch in a small area. 27% higher click-through rate has been reported when the title has a maximum of 10 words and a minimum of 6. 

Keep your titles around 60-80 characters. 

As an added benefit, short titles also stand out in smartphone browsers because their tail-ends won't be cut off by the screen size limitation. 

Add numbers:

Math is magic. 

Use numbers (preferably odd) in your title if it is applicable. 

Why does this work?

This is effective because people have an affinity towards things that stand out. Even numbers are so common that they tend to escape the human eye. 

But an odd number, by God, will stay under your skin forever.

Your job? 

Take full advantage of that. 

For example, you can use "Will These 9 Financial Tricks Work For You?" as a quiz title.  

Make It About Them: 

The aim for you is to generate some serious leads. 

But to hit the jackpot, you need to ensure that people are interested in engaging with your quizzes. 

And you know what the best way is to get people interested?

Make it about them because, well, it IS about them. 

This, again, brings up the inclusivity factor and helps your visitors feel more included.

Shortening Your Lead Forms

Contrary to popular belief, size matters.

In the proper context, of course.

Lead forms are fundamental when it comes to quizzes because, at the end of the day, these are precisely what will collect leads for you. 

But no one likes to fill out endless fields of forms.

Especially when they've got an attention span the size of a needle.

Unfortunately, many business owners fall victim to the ability to create large and complex lead forms. 

After all, the more information you collect, the more chances you can convert your visitors to leads, right?

Well, partially

Here’s why

After they are done with the quiz, they will come out of that magnificent trance of answering beautiful questions and snap straight into reality. 

So there will be this sense of urgency in them. 

What you CAN do is take advantage of this urgency. 

Make a priority list and take note of the information that you need. 

Present your visitors with short lead forms asking them to input basic information, such as email addresses, names, and checkboxes. 

If your business requires other information, too, include that as well. But make sure to prioritize only the ones at the top of your list.

Here are some tricks that you can use to shorten your lead forms.

Use as few fields as possible. Cap the total number of fields in your lead forms to a maximum of 4-5 fields (including the name and email addresses). 

Research has shown that prioritizing the top of your list and cutting the number of fields have boosted opt-ins by up to 123%

I know.

Take a moment and let that sink in. 

This number is pure wizardry when it comes to augmenting conversions.

Finally, all's well that ends well. 

Reserve a space for your privacy policy but instead of jotting down each and every policy in your lead form, use hyperlinks

This way, you will save space, and your visitor will thank you for saving them from reading an endless list of codes they couldn't care less about.

Also, be sure to tweak your submit button to something that connects it to your service. For example, if you offer a free consulting call, change your submit button to "Book My Slot Now."

It's all about that extra effort

How To Make Your Lead Generation Quiz Visually Engaging 

When it comes to lead generation quizzes, it is super important to know that your audience doesn't come from the seventeenth century.

Today's brands have evolved to deliver their message and hook in leads using text, images, GIFs, and other visually interactive media. 

But don't worry.

They aren't the only ones equipped with modern brains and technology; you are too.

The best way to ensure visitors stay engaged throughout your quiz is by making it visually captivating. You can do this by adding images and other media, so your quiz digitally glitters.

Regulate the number of images and videos you are using in your quiz. After all, the images will only play a somewhat indirect role in converting leads. Rather, they act as the sidekicks here.

The real catalyst is, of course, the content of your quiz.

Here are some tricks you can use to make your quiz visually engaging: 

Use Images With Good Resolution

Establishing trust with your visitors won't ever come if you use two pixels as your quiz's cover image.

Opt-in for high-resolution images for better quality. 

If you don't have access to a world-class photographer, don't worry. Feel free to browse through sites such as Freepik and Pixabay; they generally offer amazing royalty-free images for the greater public. 

Use Vibrant, But Not Too Colorful Images

We have come a long way since the days of using color schemes from Windows XP wallpapers as our branding colors.

Minimalism plays a considerable role.

When choosing images for your lead generation quiz, choose something that feels modern and has a color palette of no more than three-four colors. 

Wondering what this is going to do?

Well, it will make your quiz pop out way more and will go easy on the eyes of your audience. 

Pair this with choosing images with medium saturation, and you've got yourself a visually attractive lead generation quiz. 

Placing Your Images

It can be easy to get carried away with placing images, especially when you have uninterrupted access to so many beautiful ones. 

Snap out of it.

Just like it is important not to go overboard with your multimedia, it is also essential to know where to place them precisely.

One trick is not to place your image at the very beginning of your quiz. Instead, place a video or a GIF after your quiz title and follow it up with pictures as needed.

Use another video or a GIF when the quiz is nearing its end, just one or two questions before the lead form kicks in. 

This way, your visitor will stay hooked throughout the quiz. 

In a nutshell, place your images strategically throughout the quiz, so they don't feel too saturated. 

Ideally, an 8-question long quiz should consist of around 80% images and 20% multimedia, such as videos, GIFs, and audio files (if applicable). 

Asking The Right Questions

Once you are done restructuring your lead generation quiz, it's time to look at the actual content.

After all, weak questions will be your Achilles' heel, even if you have a super engaging structure.

The only way to really generate new leads through quizzes is to see if you are asking the right questions. 

Let's face it, at the end of the day, you want to help your clients, and you want your quizzes to provide them with much-needed value and convert them into high-quality leads. 

No matter how fun and engaging your quizzes are, that remains the absolute objective here. 

Asking the right questions in lead generation quizzes is a journey.

How so?

Well, you can't just skip to the end when asking questions. Your quiz questions need a specific sequence to follow a natural growth.

Sort your questions according to how difficult it could be for the visitor to answer. 

Ask the most complex questions near the end of your quiz while asking the easiest at the beginning.  

Follow this pattern even when all your questions are easy. Figure out a hierarchy within your questions, and you will see it reflected in the results. 

Here are some tricks you can use to ask the right questions:

Don't Overcomplicate

Don't stuff your questions with too many details.

This will harm the flow of your quiz and make you appear like a robot (even though they are answering a computer, we can't make it seem too robotic).

Try to be organic and human when asking questions. Keep your questions simple and short and no more than three short sentences maximum. 

Explain Why You Are Asking

Sometimes, your visitors might lose track of your question because you barraged them with something they aren't clear about.

Try to be specific with what you are asking. 

For example, instead of asking, "How Much Do You Spend?" ask, "What Are Your Minimum Expenses Every Month?".

Utilize Emotions 

Though your questions might be automated, understand that your clients don't speak in 1s and 0s. 

Your potential leads will be very much organic, so it is vital to consider their emotions. 

Here's how you can utilize their emotions. 

Use emojis, images, and videos in your questions where applicable.

The more emotions you integrate into your questions, the more your client's expectations will be from your business. This high level of expectation is precisely what will convert them into high-quality leads. 

For example, "Will Buying This New Car Satisfy Your Family?" or "Which One Of These Condos Appeal To Your Liking The Most?". In both of these cases, you are putting in the effort to consider their personal preferences and situation. 

If you are interested in discovering more, check out our blog on asking the right questions here. 

The Best Quiz Lead Generation Examples 

Need the inspiration to make killer lead generation quizzes?

We've got you covered.

We will look at entirely made-up companies going through some tough times, given how their quiz makers are failing at what they are supposed to excel in.

But fear not.

We will check out some of them as examples and see how we can make life better for these quiz makers.

You might also learn a thing or two from their failures, so stick around.

What You Should NOT Be Doing

The errors in each example are marked with a red arrow, so make sure to run your eyes over them and see if you can figure out what's wrong.

1. HealthX Diet Plans:


HealthX Diet Plans aim to provide its clients with personalized and healthy diet plans. They have various plans to showcase, and their clients can pick whichever suits them the most in both financial and dietary terms. 

The company also aims to gather more information about its clients and generate leads through quizzes. 

What’s wrong: 

❌ Super clunky quiz title.

❌ The cover feels really cluttered.

❌ Poor choice and sizing of the image.

How it could’ve been done better:

✔️ Increase spacing between the text.

✔️ Rephrase the title to “Are You Consuming Unhealthy Food?”

✔️ Change “START THE QUIZ” to “Take The Quiz To Find Out.”

✔️ Choose a higher-quality image.

What’s wrong: 

❌ Question isn’t clear enough. 

❌ Answers feel limited.

❌ The next question button is too long. 

How it could’ve been done better:

✔️ Rephrase the question to “What Is Your Daily Calorie Intake?”.

✔️ Add better answer options, i.e., a range of calories. 

✔️ Replace the “ANSWER THE NEXT QUESTION” button with “NEXT.”

What’s wrong: 

❌ Question isn’t clear enough. 

❌ Answers feel limited; there’s no freedom.

❌ Feels too sales-y. 

How it could’ve been done better:

✔️ Rephrase the question to “What Is Your Minimum Budget For Diet Plans?” or “How Much Do You Generally Spend For Diet Plans?”

✔️ Increase the range of prices in the options. 

✔️ Add the answer option “I have never bought diet plans before.” 

What’s wrong: 

❌ The Call-to-Action is weak.

❌ The lead form is too long and has too many fields.

❌ The “SUBMIT” button feels bland.

How it could’ve been done better:

✔️ Add depth to the Call-to-Action. Replace “Sign Up For The Plan” with “Get Your Very Own Diet Plan Today!”

✔️ Remove the additional info field and merge the “First Name” and “Last Name” fields together.

✔️ Write the privacy policy in a separate document and hyperlink it in the lead form.

✔️ Replace the “SUBMIT” button with “Start Your Healthy Diet.” 

2. VacayBoss:


VacayBoss is a company specializing in planning vacations abroad. They gather information from their clients through quizzes and later reach out to them over email, offering a vacation package based on their answers. 

What’s wrong: 

❌ The “CHECK THIS OUT” button doesn’t suit the title. 

❌ The image is low quality.

❌ The art style isn’t consistent throughout the cover image.

❌ No company logo in the cover image. 

How it could’ve been done better:

✔️ Replace the “CHECK THIS OUT” button with “FIND OUT TODAY!”.

✔️ Choose a high-resolution image for the foreground.

✔️ Choose one art style according to brand, either minimalist or maximalist.

✔️ Add the company logo. 

What’s wrong: 

❌ The very first question is trivia.

❌ The question could be worded better. 

How it could’ve been done better:

✔️ Use trivia questions later in the quiz.

✔️ Rephrase the question: "Let’s test your knowledge of the world. What is the capital of Indonesia?”

What’s wrong: 

❌ Answer options feel a bit cluttered because of the text.

How it could’ve been done better:

✔️ Add images of each country as options and label them respectively.

What’s wrong: 

❌ The lead form has too many unnecessary fields.

❌ The lead form text is long.

❌ The “PROCEED” button feels out of place. 

How it could’ve been done better:

✔️ Shorten the Day/Month/Year fields by merging them into one.

✔️ Replace “Would You Like To Sign Up For Our Newsletter” with “Sign Up For Our Newsletter”. 

✔️ Hyperlink the privacy policy and reduce the scaling of the text. 

✔️ Replace the “PROCEED” button with “SEE YOUR RESULT”

3. AirShare:


AirShare is a cloud-based company that offers file storage services to its clients. Essentially a digital hard drive, AirShare gathers its clients through lead generation quizzes by adding them to their databases and reaching out to them with newsletters and attractive packages.

What’s wrong: 

❌ The question is obscure.

How it could’ve been done better:

✔️ Rephrase the question to “How Much Have You Spent On Similiar Storage Solutions?”

✔️ Add ranged options. 

What’s wrong: 

❌ The question is too sales-y. 

❌ The question is too obscure.

How it could’ve been done better:

✔️ Rephrase the question to “What Could Be The Consequences If You Don’t Solve Low Storage Spaces.”

✔️ Add flexible options and allow users to input their current situation in under 200 characters. 

What You SHOULD Be Doing

Now that we have solved the financial crises of a couple of made-up companies let’s look at real-life examples of effective lead-generation quizzes. 

Keep your eyes peeled. 

1. Legion Athletics Quiz:

Legion produces research-backed high-quality, healthy sports supplements. 

This is their lead generation quiz showcased on their official website. 

✔️ Catchy quiz title.

✔️ Catchy punchline.

✔️ Uplifting start button. 

✔️ Straightforward first question. 

✔️ Clean design.

✔️ Short lead form.

✔️ Discount to appeal to more leads. 

Legion’s quiz was short and simple, yet it surely got the job done.

The reason why it's so effective is that the quiz doesn’t take much time to complete at all. Paired with the minimalist design, bold titles, and uplifting tone, any quiz following this formula will surely generate white-hot leads.  

2. The Beauty Chef Quiz:

Let’s do some skincare. 

The Beauty Chef lives up to its name by creating “bio-fermented,” “probiotic,” and “supernatural” formulas dedicated to gut and skin health. 

Their quiz takes the personal state of their user into account and showcases a variety of products suited for them, hence generating potential leads. 

✔️ Direct Call-to-Action

✔️ Punchy tagline.

✔️ Clean design. 

✔️ Simple icons. 

✔️ Personal and direct question.

✔️ Longer question near the end. 

✔️ Simple explanation.

✔️ Notes added to answers for context. 

✔️ Clean lead form. 

✔️ Terms and Privacy Policy hyperlinked.

✔️ Organized disclaimers.

3. Womaness Quiz: 

Womaness underscores the importance of access to modern, innovative products and essential information for women undergoing menopause. 

Their quiz, like others, takes personal information into account and showcases products that best match their leads. 

✔️ Friendly tone. 

✔️ Fun fact at the bottom.

✔️ Straightforward question with extensive answer options. 

✔️ Context provided for the question. 

✔️ Context provided for the answer options.

✔️ Simple presentation. 

✔️ Straightforward lead form. 

✔️ Discount to appeal to more leads.

✔️ Placed right before showing the results. 

Tricks To Use In Your Lead Generation Quiz 

Hold up, did you think we were done?

Taking inspiration from other quizzes is a great start but you will still need to put in a sprinkle of innovation on the cake of lead generation. 


Well, here are some tricks and best practices you can use to take your lead generation quiz game to the next level. 

Keep It Simple

✔️ Don’t go overboard with providing too many options. 

✔️ Provide a maximum of three answer options for every question; go beyond that only when it makes sense.

Pay Attention To The Quiz Results

Don’t slack off with the results.  

They are equally important as the questions. 

Here’s how you can improve on it. 

✔️ Showcase the quiz results to your user in a manner that is easy to understand and matches what they entered. 

✔️ Maintain a balance between insight, humor, and call-to-actions. 

Lead Your Users 

✔️ To make the best lead generation quiz, take note of the problem your user is facing. 

✔️ Present that to them and then offer your solution. Try to do all of this in four sentences or less. 


The most effective quizzes are the ones that are interactive and engaging. 
✔️ Hook your users with one-liners.
✔️ Make punchy jokes every few questions if applicable.
✔️ Bring up the problem passively.
✔️ Offer the solution near the end.
✔️ If you can use images for an answer option, go ahead and do so. 

Just don’t overdo it. 

Lead Generation Quizzes Take Your Business To The Next Level

Now that you are geared with all the essentials of lead generation quizzes, you are already one step ahead of 84% of people wanting to generate leads online. 

In a nutshell:
✔️ Quizzes are a simple and effective option for lead generation.

✔️ Quizzes can be customized with a variety of different tactics. 

✔️ Quizzes are a fun and interactive option for visitors. 

Like it or not, lead-generation quizzes are the future.

As the internet continues to get populated, people's attention span continues to decrease.

So, to really keep up with life in the Fastlane, you need to adapt and innovate. 

And surprise, surprise, integrating lead generation quizzes into your website is one of the few effective ways remaining. 

Ready to make your very first quiz?

Head on over to marquiz.io, to get more high-intent leads without even increasing your ad budget. Gain access to various quiz templates and ideas and start customizing them today! 

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